Dell and SDC held the first joint seminar on the commercial solutions for partners in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, 20 June 2012- a partner seminar on Dell corporate products, organized by Dell and SDC - an official distributor of Dell products in Uzbekistan, was held in Beldersay, Uzbekistan.

Dell represents its products for more than 15 years in Uzbekistan, however this seminar was completely different from all other events ever held by Dell in Uzbekistan.

“This is a first seminar on Dell Products for corporate sector in Uzbekistan in quite a long time period. Uzbekistan is a prospective and important market for products and technologies of Dell in CIS region. Taking into account all current information technologies development tendencies and Uzbekistan IT market conditions, it is highly important for us to make sure all seminar participants are introduced to the specificity of Dell products’ structure, and corporate sector technical solutions development principles on a basis of such products”-says Dmitry Grinko, the regional manager of Dell in CIS countries.

Seminar participants are the companies, specializing in IT products and solutions realization for the corporate sector in Uzbekistan. Holding events for Uzbekistan partners has always been very important for us. However, holding them for the executive management team of specific IT companies was a new experience. Therefore, we took into account all needs of each participant-says Sergey Didenko-a managing director of SDC.

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The seminar was started by Yuri Kim-a head of Products department of SDC. In his presentation Yuri introduced the company itself, its history and development, involving specific IT products offered for corporate solutions. Sabira Garipova-a product manager of SDC made a brief presentation of specific equipment for corporate sector such as interactive boards and tools, language laboratory devices and equipment for conference halls, queue management systems.

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In the second part of the seminar Sergey Mohnatko-a regional manager of Dell in the countries of Central Asia and Dmitry Grinko-a regional manager of Dell in CIS have enlightened the company history and its transformation experience, products and solutions developed by Dell which are widely used in different types companies all over the world. The following equipment has been presented during the seminar: Optiplex desktop PCs, Latitude laptops, Latitude and XPS ultrabooks, Precision workstations, specified PCs, data storage systems, PowerEdge servers, thin terminals and network equipment.

Additionally, the presenters have introduced technical specifications and other features of Dell products, making them unique compared to the products of other companies. The participants have gained knowledge of a new technology iDRAC7, simplifying and unifying servers control and an innovation from Dell-a new data storage technology-Scalable File Systems. A special product line of Dell servers solutions for cloud environments and data storage systems had also been presented to participants during the seminar.

In the final part of the seminar, the companies representatives had a chance to discuss technical issues, service and maintenance queries of Dell products in more details. In addition, during the discussion all participants have shared their thoughts on a specificity of the products and equipment including an implementation to Uzbekistan market, opportunities and perspectives of the market development for corporate partners.

The seminar was concluded with a dinner, involving a lottery game among all participants, with a price-Dell Latitude laptop.

Additional information

Dell is a leading company in a sphere of information technologies since 1984, providing a full range of technological products, solutions and services in more than 180 countries in the world. Dell currently employs around 100 000 people serving over 10 000 000 customers, the company is listed in Fortune 500 rankings as one of the worlds largest corporations.

SDC is a large IT products and solutions distribution company in CIS since 2005, authorized by more than 15 world known brands including Dell, Asus, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Polyvision, Sanako, MSI, Sanyo. In 2012 SDC has been authorized to distribute Dell commercial solutions in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

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