ASUS Padfone 2 - Available now!

Instant data transition.
PadFone 2 is a modern 4.7-inch smart phone with Quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 class Cortex A15 (1.5 GHz), with graphics core Adreno 320, supports LTE and 2 GB of RAM. Instant transition from 4.7-inch phone to the 10.1-inch tablet and back.
4,7 inch smartphone (1280 x 720 pixels) / 312 dots per inch, Super IPS panel + with maximum brightness of 550 CD/m2. Protective glass Corning Fit with the film HCLR.
the 10.1 inch tablet (1280 x 800 pixels) / 149 dots per inch, IPS panel with capacitive multi-touch interface, the protective glass Corning Fit with HCLR screen cover.

16 hours 3G talk time.
PadFone 2 is equipped with a battery 2140 mA• h, which provides up to 16 hours of autonomous operation in a mode of conversation in the networks of 3G, and PadFone 2 Station further enhances this parameter up to 36 hours. In standby mode the device can work up to 2 weeks.

649g total weight.
Mobile device PadFone 2 is made in a thin and lightweight body, so the total weight of the bundle PadFone 2 + PadFone 2 Station is only 649g. An interfacing mechanism of two components has been improved, so connecting PadFone 2 to station became easier. Despite increased to 4.7 inches screen itself smartphone PadFone 2 remains stylish and compact. It has a thickness of not more than 9 mm, and weight - only 135g.

Top of the line specs.
13-megapixel camera that can take pictures at a speed of 6 fps, and record video in formats 1080p/720p/30fps or 60fps. Large aperture (F2,4) and a special processor help to get great pictures in low-light conditions.

Innovative accessories.
The Padfone 2 kit includes is a stylish carrying case with pockets for SIM card and cleaning wipes, which serves as a stand while watching the video and typing. 

Available now!
ASUS Padfone 2 is available for order now! Contact us

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