We provide

Technical expertise and support to our customers

Our goal as VAD is to improve quality of customer service in every transaction. We listen to our partners because we know that clearer understanding of their unique objectives would allow us to offer solutions that anticipate and satisfy specific needs of our partners.

Company Overview

Why we have chosen this path?

First of all, we need to highlight the difference between distributors and value-added distributors (VAD). Distributors take orders and then, quite often, struggle due to lack of real experience with the product. VADs not only provide a wide range of products, but expand their capabilities, providing complete solutions to their partners. It often happens that a partner or customer doesn’t have sufficient technical expertise.

Technical support of VADs’ specialists then becomes a key to successful implementation of projects of any scale. Thanks to consulting capability, experience of product and solutions integration and training tools, VADs help their partners to adjust to changing market situation. If you seek to establish long-term relationship with a distributor that will support you and your product line, VAD is what you need.

Our company is not just business for me. It is labour of love. I am lucky man because my employees are the same enthusiasts of our business as I do. I never aspired to fame, but I dream that SDС will become famous thanks to its expertise and successful cases. Our common goal is to make IT technologies available all over the world and to help other businesses grow using modern solutions from the IT industry.

Sergey Didenko Managing Director

Business Areas

Consumer Distribution: Laptops, Desktops&AIO, PC Components, Tablets, Monitors, Accessories, Peripheral devices

Enterprise Distribution: Servers, Storage Devices and Networking, Laptops, Desktops;AIO, Workstations, Accessories, Educational, AV Solutions, Power and Cooling

Telecom Distribution: Network and Satellite Telecommunications Solutions,
Video Security Systems (CCTV)

Trading: Souring special purpose third-party IT solutions.

About us
to enhance the value of business
We use innovative services and solutions
One-stop shop
We know that it is easier to browse one website, speak to one sales manager and work with one distributor.
Product warehousing
if you know that, at the end of the day, you would need certain components, but have nowhere to keep them, we are ready to be your storage.
Customized supply
chain solutions
All objectives are unique, and we are flexible enough to find solutions matching your needs.
VADs knows the market and can give you feedback on a specific issue and an overview of the market and products – how it works, what are the tools to use
We conduct regular product trainings in order to give partners more opportunities.
Technical expertise
Our team of engineers is always ready to support customers from development of a solution to demonstration and installation.

Result: customer-centric distribution

VAD is our tool that allows us to shift focus from business to customer. This helps us find inspiration, stimulate innovation and build our reputation. Trust is the key to any relationship, and we use it to provide resellers with a strong foundation to assure business efficiency.

For almost 10 years today we follow this strategy to keep our partners happy.


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of the year — 2018
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of the year — 2011
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