It is never too late to learn. And the information technology industry’s version of this axiom brings it even further – we must learn our entire life! Continuous learning is one of the triggers of efficiency in our business.

We understand that the industry is developing at an extremely fast pace. This is one of the main reasons for us to keep learning. To deliver to our partners the most relevant information, which would be useful for their commercial projects, we keep track of the cutting-edge IT technologies, look for new solutions and products, explore them and try to introduce them, wherever they are needed most.

We strive to develop our partners, sharing with them expertise that would be most relevant for their business. We believe that such investment in the market is highly effective as it leads to improvement of knowledge in every link of the supply chain from reseller to end-user, and better knowledge grows business.

Beyond establishment of work groups, better knowledge leads to IT community unification around a common goal. We engage vendors’ experts not only to introduce new products, but to discuss industry’s pressing matters, problems and news. This is an example of strategical synergy that creates an ecosystem of its own on each of our markets and facilitates business development.

Key Benefits
  • Regular product trainings for partners
  • Incentives programs based on the knowledge gained
  • ‘Technology evangelist’ company – introduction of new knowledge in all business stages
  • Community building
  • Annual certification and evaluation
  • Continuous learning
Our vendors