IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 – Tashkent

Digital transformation (DX) is the most discussed technology topic worldwide, and not surprisingly — as it represents heightened adoption of IT to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business and governments, while reducing overall costs.

Technological advances such as cloud, mobility, next-generation security, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain contribute to facilitating engagement between businesses and customers, government and citizens, at all levels.

At the third annual IDC Digital Transformation Roadshow 2019 conference (formerly the IDC DX Day Roadshow), we exchanged new ideas with decision makers in the field of ICT and provide them with a comfortable platform for sharing opinions. With the help of IDC experts, leading IT market players, and peers that have already implemented successful digital projects, the conference helped participants to share experiences and determine future priorities for their digital strategies.